We understand that your choice of speakers for your event is a communication in itself.  The speakers you choose tell your people and your clients what you value, where you are going and the direction you are taking.  It’s an important and very public choice.  We don’t take that choice lightly and we value the trust you extend each time Karen is asked to speak.


Karen knows human beings inside out. She leverages this knowledge and her experience to get to the heart of challenges, opportunities and ideas quickly with wisdom and a little humour. Each person in your audience will feel like she is having a conversation directly with them. She will inspire, open and draw out your audience with impactful content and passionate and easeful delivery.


Karen’s intention and commitment with every event is to leave people different.  Her “so what, now what” conviction means your people will be curious and engaged to try something new, often to their own surprise and delight.

With over 20 years experience in human behaviour, drawing on a depth of work across four key methodologies, Karen ‘holds the room’ in any climate and any environment, from intimate rooms to conference auditoriums.  Karen exudes certainty without being rigid, creativity without distracting from the core message and a spontaneity that communicates substance.  This is a skill to master that only comes from time, experience and evolving into true wisdom in one’s field. 

We would love to explore with you if your event and Karen are the right fit, and look forward to your call to find out more about what you want to achieve.   


Comments From The Audience


Karen’s Keynote Topics

Influence through Presence

Key message:

·       Expanding emotional intelligence and self-awareness as a core capability of influence

·       Interrupting the frustrating ‘Pendulum Swing’ between trying to control people and processes to speed up results and giving up and giving in and doing it yourself

·       Leveraging the silent missing piece of trust to elevate employee and client engagement.

Being a Leader of Trust

Key message:

·       The bottom line difference between high trust and low trust companies

·       The critical leadership behaviours that build trust

·       Turning performance around through trust

Creating a Culture of Accountability

Key message:

·       Build a one company, company where silos disappear and people seek to collaborate

·       Eradicate blame culture and grow high performing, interdependent leaders

·       Elevate people to solution-focused thinking, behaviour and communication


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