“You’ve got to be hungry for it. You’ve got to want it more than anything.”

Making a change can be hard.

You’ve tried. But when your unchanged environment threatens your good intentions, your old patterns have steered you back onto familiar tracks before you realise. Frustrated, you put the thought of change aside and move on to something you can control.

But it doesn’t go away.

And so, predictably, eventually, you try again.

Around you go, doing the same thing. It numbs you a little each time, and while you might not like to admit it, you could keep doing the same thing, over and over.

You know you must do something different, for things to be different.


Transformation of how you think and feel can happen in a moment, like the click of your fingers. Sustaining the change and how it plays out in your life takes consistent and focused effort over time.

Transformation happens when something that is hidden from you, that is hiding in your blind spot, is brought into your awareness. It can occur quite by accident, like an “aha” moment. All of a sudden, things seem different to how they were before, like night and day. We can also cause these transformational moments on purpose. Usually, it takes immersing ourselves in unfamiliar learnings or environments, exposing ourselves to something that’s completely outside our current understanding.

Transformation is your access to lasting change, and key to why you haven’t been able to sustain the changes you’ve made in the past. Once the shift has been made, taking the right action is a whole new and exciting game.


20 years ago I was 28 and on the way up.

Married to a wonderful, talented, kind man, we enjoyed an abundant life. I had the corporate career, the friends, the family, the sports car, the dog and our first home near the beach. Our lives were set, we had everything we needed to take it to the top.

But inside, I was desperately unhappy, lonely, empty and confused. I was burnt out and I was sick.

So in a not-so-elegant gut wrenching cry for help I gave up my career, I left my marriage, I went searching, seeking and following my restlessness anywhere I thought I’d find an answer. An answer that would fill, or at least explain, the gaping void within me.

And there began my 15 year journey of self-discovery. Questioning, exploring, experimenting, learning, growing, awakening.


From the age of 24 I was leading, managing and training teams in the corporate world.

Moving into more personalised coaching over 15 years ago. Given my passion for connecting people, I naturally gravitated to the areas of communication and engagement, difficult conversations and conflict resolution. Facilitating conferences for the reparation of harm between offenders and victims is some of the work of which I’m most proud.

The last few years have seen my skills and experience consolidate into working closely with leaders, in business and in life. Exploring what’s possible beyond our typical definition of success and
creating lives of real fulfillment.

A client recently commented to me after experiencing a profound and impactful breakthrough “you must have gone to great depths of pain in your own life to be able to help others come through their own.”
A strikingly insightful reflection.