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 When you are willing to shift, your whole world shifts.

The person you want to be, the life you long to live, the relationships you desire. Are all waiting for you on the other side of two very small words.

I am.

When we buy into our comfortable reasons and explanations we dig ourselves further into a quality of life that is less than fulfilling. In all areas of life,

“I am” can be your enemy or ally.


I help women and men break through their hidden blocks. Limits they were previously unaware of that have been running their lives for years.

Free from the grip of old, frustrating patterns, people find changes easy to make and are excited and inspired by the outcomes. Key areas of life are transformed.In business, in relationships, in family and in community.1 on 1, in small and large groups. In professional and personal environments.


 Are you doing the 50 – 50 Dance?

The 50 – 50 dance is when you are hanging about on the side-lines of your relationships, spending time analysing, judging and assessing what others are doing. All so you know exactly how much you should and shouldn’t do.

Why? To avoid looking silly, getting hurt, taken for granted, taken advantage of or worse, taken for a ride and having your heart broken.

You tell yourself, “they’re only doing so much, so that’s what I’ll do.” You then go about justifying your decision with your measurement stories – weighing up how much they do, how much you do.

But the funny thing is, THEY are doing exactly the same thing! Judging, assessing and scheming about YOU, deciding how much THEY should or shouldn’t do, based on what YOU are doing!

And so there you both remain. Stuck. In the 50 – 50 dance of mediocrity. Entertaining yourselves with small-minded drama not even worthy of your time, your energy or your life.

So – here’s the interruption.

The results you want, the fun and connection you seek, the intimacy you crave and the sensual love affair you desire are all waiting for you. In the dance of 100 – 0.


100 – ZERO.

Now, before you go on with your story about why you’re “already the one who does everything around here”…this is a different kind of doing. In fact, it’s a different kind of giving.

Because to have the kind of life, health, love and relationships you truly want, it’s going to take doing things differently to the way you’ve always done them. It’s going to take being different to how you’ve been being.

And right there is where the real work begins.


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