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Influence through Presence

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“Karen is incredibly intuitive, knowing when to pull me up, draw me out, hold me to something and just let me speak and think. I feel at all times that she is on my side, yet this is deliciously balanced with the knowledge that she will call me on my #$%@ and hold me accountable. “

- Sarah Stone


“What an amazing end to the year!  Thank you for being an amazing resource, teacher, woman. You truly are a gift and have a gift, which I am blessed to have found. Thank you”

- Tracey Ricchini


“I first approached Karen in 2015, when I was thinking of starting up my own business.  What ensued was a journey of total self-discovery into the things that stopped me living a full and passionate life.  From a place of quiet desperation, she taught me to love and believe in myself again, and how to take full responsibility for what's happening in all areas my life.

Thank you Karen, I will always be eternally grateful.”

D’Anne CowiE


“I feel utterly grateful to have met and worked with Karen. She has given me the unique opportunity to liberate myself by taking full responsibility for my thoughts and actions. This has paved the way for me to embrace a happier, more passionate and soul filled existence with my family. It has also become the platform for me to seek out and build a new career for myself.”

Katie Gridley 


"I have worked with Karen for the last 6 months and it has been an amazing experience.  Karen’s no-nonsense approach has been exactly what I needed to step up in my life and business. Karen has an incredible intuition - a way of identifying and getting to the heart of all kinds of barriers.  I have gained confidence, clarity and direction in working with Karen without running myself into the ground (which I had in the past).  If you are ready to step out into a new level of performance then working with Karen will help you with exactly that."

Melinda HiatT

“I had the complete privilege of hearing you speak.  You resonated on a level I wasn’t expecting and your vulnerability and honesty has stayed with me.  Thank you.  When someone can get into your psyche like that in under an hour…well…you need to listen.”


“Thank you for your presentation today.  Your message definitely struck a nerve with me and I will certainly be looking at ways I can make changes in my life for the better.  Choice and consistency being my first two!”


“Thank you for a very insightful, informative, inspiring and thought-provoking workshop.  I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to other professional women.  I think it would be useful for both women in higher level positions as well as to junior staff. 

Elena Bogomolova, Senior Manager


“The whole workshop was extremely valuable to me, both professionally and personally.  I wish that I had attended your workshop many years ago, it would have assisted at home and in the workplace greatly and I would have saved myself feeling and listening to a lot of emotional ‘racket’ in my mind along the way.

I think of the internal struggle that a lot of professional women I speak to regularly go through every day (it is the same message every time). I think each one of them would benefit highly from your workshop. 

 Carolyn Edwards, Client Director, Pitcher Partners


“I wanted to express my enormous gratitude for your careful facilitation and guidance. I am enormously grateful for the advice, the challenges, your honesty, and the space and confidence too when I've needed to process things on my own. And for providing a safe forum for bringing together a group of such wonderful women. 

Janet Golder


“I just wanted to say thank you for the journey you held for us over the past 8 weeks. 


So many times I felt an overwhelming need to bow my head down in appreciation and recognition of how sacred the journey was for each person individually, and as a collective. 


So many things for me have shifted over the past 8 weeks and I’m sure there’s so much more.  


Thank you thank you thank you Karen.”


Justine Sharkie



“I wish I could bottle this feeling I have right now. It feels good....


Happy. Confident. Strong. Excited. Calm. Positive. Warm. Uplifting. Fun. I'm Smiling. 


Thank you. I'm enjoying this experience and learning.”


Kelly S



an amazing place where you come and listen and also be heard in equal measure. All opinions are valid, and no one opinion is deemed better than another. The love and support that supportive women can offer each other is a powerful tool.


Lorraine Goodwin




The workshop was of great value and I took away a lot of key items away that I am practising daily in my professional and personal life and am finding a profound and positive difference which then is having a positive impact on others in my life. 


The workshop exceeded my expectations as it forced me to unfold a lot of layers within myself and to dig deep.


I would highly recommend the workshop to other professional women. I would have greatly benefited from the workshop when I was a first year manager and had just returned from maternity leave.


Vicky Meraklis

Senior Manager




I gained so much from working with you during our coaching sessions and wanted to take the time to thank you for that.  I have been continuing to practice what we worked on, and although there are some areas I need to focus on more than others, I believe I have grown my awareness and confidence through your mentorship. 


Maurita, Head of eCommerce and Digital



Trust Leadership

Building and Sustaining Positive Momentum

Executive, Senior Leadership and Management Coaching programs


There probably aren’t any words that would truly thank you for changing my life.  “Changing my life” wow, that’s a big statement when you really think about it, but that’s what you have done for me. 

I now have a positive energy that I thrive on, I am determined to never let it slip. I look at people and situations in a whole new light.

Your approach and guidance made the whole process so easy for me. I truly looked forward to every session.  It wasn’t only easy, it was motivating, you made me want to fulfil my potential and I am chasing that purpose which I know I will find through openness and positivity.”

Mick Conway, General Manager, ACE Filters


“Before working with Karen I was struggling to work positively with my team members and customers. Karen helped clear my thought processes and how by working positively and with an above the line mindset, great results can be achieved. At the conclusion of my time with Karen I felt less stressed and ready to tackle 2019 with a positive outlook in life. I have no hesitation recommending Karen for future coaching.”

John Trueman, Business Development Manager, SPXFLOW 


I received coaching from Karen over a 6 month period, it’s the most valuable thing I have done over my time as a manager. Karen got me to see things from a different perspective, she challenged my ideas, my way of thinking and how I communicated with people. With the help of Karen my mind became broader. I learnt to accept and find the positives in different people and different mind sets. I gained a greater understanding in the areas where I needed to change and be more accepting. Karen provided me with honest and accurate feedback which enabled me to grow. Through these changes Karen’s coaching and ability to listen was invaluable.


Charles Elliot, After Sales Manager, Mercedes Benz


 Frontline Management Coaching

“Karen, I would like to thank you for a great experience. I did very much enjoy our sessions and I know that you have been able to bring out an awareness in me that I would not have gone looking for if it weren’t for you.  Thank you for your infectious positive approach, insight and enthusiasm.  I hope we continue to cross paths.”

David Macdonald, Quality and Compliance Manager, Spectrum Brands.


Trust Culture

Building Accountable, Collaborative, Innovative Teams

1 day workshops, multi-faceted programs, embedding change


High Performance Personal Leadership workshop – Cotton On


“Everything you say is so logical, but it’s like we are hearing it for the first time.  Aspirational and inspirational.”


“Very inspiring…you make me challenge my way of thinking to do things differently.”


“Keeping it real and simple.  You are so engaging and love how you challenge us.”


“The course was very relevant, great topics and practical ideas for application.”


“I have so many ideas on how I can engage with my team better as a result of today.”


“Thank you, what a great session!”


High Performance Team program – Daimler Trucks frontline staff


“I thought this program was going to be just like every other one I’ve done, but it was something very different, I loved it.”


“I now understand why I get triggered and how to Stop. Pause. Breathe. before I respond.”

“The team is getting along so much better, there’s no friction in the air.”


“We now help each other be ‘Above the Line’ more because we can spot the contrast.  Before we were just used to being Below the Line.”


“It changed my life and helped me let go and move on from a personal issue.  I have now closed the door.”


“People are working smarter and more accountable for their behaviour”


“Helped me think more about how to react to people and understand how they perceive things”


High Performance Leadership workshop – Rubi


“Karen is an amazing and inspirational trainer.  I am grateful that I had the chance to participate in this training program with her.”


“Has increased my mindfulness immensely, this will be with me daily”


“Great and relevant topics to take back”


“Engaging, warm, honest.”


“Feel I have direction and purpose.”


“Karen is amazing, personable and easy to relate to, I was focused all day!”


“Excellent workshop, positive way to reflect and improve”


“A really beneficial and productive session with concrete outcomes”


“I often find it difficult to concentrate for this long.  But it was a perfectly timed and mixed day.”

Excellence in Customer Service program - Sirva


“I was surprised at how the course also took a personal journey of self-discovery and self-awareness.  It created a welcoming environment which eased my nerves and invited me to share openly without feeling as though I was being judged.  It took away the ‘cliché’ customer service term and made it something that can be related to.”  Lauren – include the entire testimonial


“Delivered exceptionally well.  I gained a broader understanding of why others react the way they do.”  Natasha


“Fantastic, really learned a lot which I can apply to not only the workplace, but also my personal life.”  Anthony


“The course has made me feel more comfortable and confident in myself and in others and would recommend it to other people and organisations.”  Brittany


High Performance Leadership workshops - Middle and Front Line Managers – DECJUBA


“Having the concepts and tools explained on how to work towards being a more effective coach was the best part of the day”


“It was great that expectations were discussed and setup from the start of the seminar.  Thank you to Karen who was a fantastic facilitator, relating to everyone individually and encouraging participation.”


“There was a lot of personal evaluation and self-reflection in order to excel in my role – this was very beneficial”


“I really connected with Karen’s style of teaching”


“Learning how my time in setting goals, planning and staying focused makes a difference to the business, and how I can spend more time in my key performance areas”


“Above the line thinking and asking high quality questions was a great eye opening experience to me in how to lead”


“Everything I learned is practical and able to be put into action – 6 core needs, GROW coaching model for managers, art of delegation and how to stay focussed on high payoff activities”


“I loved the workshop, the structure was great.  Everything I learned at the workshop is practical and able to be put into action.”


High Performance Team and Leadership workshops


“I just wanted to personally thank you for everything you have taught us in the last few months, I have really enjoyed my journey through the course and I feel I am in more positive, happy person.


I have already arranged to be coached/mentored once a month to continue the great learning journey and reach my goals.”


Louise Purcell, Co-ordinator International Services, Santa Fe Wridgways

“Karen, I would like to thank you for the support and advice during the course.  I have learnt a lot and I look forward continuing to use the tools that you have taught me moving forward.”


Brett Phillips, Senior Supervisor, GMCT


“The course not only provided our business and team with a realistic focus of our service and approach to our clients, it also allowed us to look into and understand our internal approach and relations to each other within our organisation.” 


Tony Martin, Project Manager, Nilsen


“The team made noticeable improvements and behaviour shifts in communication and listening – more open and empathetic, asking open questions. Now focusing on the total solution with a customer, offering other products, greater confidence, improved attitudes.  Management were encouraged to coach and mentor the participants as they progressed through the program and as such became an integral part of the solution.”

 Garry Quigley, State Manager, Assa Abloy