Women are working longer than ever, but we are our own worst enemies.

Achieving more while trying to keep up with demands and expectations, prove ourselves, feel deservedly recognised, experience success in our workplaces and fulfilment at home.  

Striving to achieve all a modern life offers, but using an outdated program to do it.

For lack of an established alternative, women have long adopted a model of leadership that keeps their IQs over-active and their EQs under-utilised.  It is a model that doesn’t encourage or elevate the innate feminine abilities of connection and engagement, and qualities of compassion and intuition.  The exact skills and capabilities that inspire and sustain high engagement and performance in individuals and tribes.

Women who desire to lead often learn that their natural qualities are less valued than their drive, motivation and determination, and in the process of denying them, pendulum swing their way into a ceiling on their success.


The ‘Pendulum Swing’ is the limiting pattern that keeps women stuck working harder for diminishing returns.  Either trying to force, control and dominate to get results or adopting the other extreme of giving up, giving in and doing everything themselves.


Neither satisfying, both exhausting, and never a true reflection of a woman’s rich capability and capacity for leadership.

To lead and influence in a way that has maximum impact, is healthy and sustainable and feels fulfilling, it’s critical for women to reconnect with their most powerful and natural gifts.

When women learn how to drop the armour, show up with authentic confidence and presence and trust themselves more than anyone else, they lead with renewed energy, clarity and a strength of conviction that is undeniable. 

Real Women programs support women in leadership to move through the Holistic Leadership journey from stressed, exhausted and isolated to open, powerful and influential.


It’s common for women to hit their success ceiling at ‘Determined’. 

Not knowing any different, and encouraged by our social and cultural frameworks, they continually push themselves and others harder to achieve.  This works for a while, but eventually catches up with everyone.  Their employees question their leader’s intentions, begin to doubt they have their backs, eventually disconnecting while saying all the right things, and finally disengaging.  With disengagement in Australia at 76%, it’s time for a new leadership paradigm.   


Real Women programs support established leaders to reconnect with their inner confidence and innate wisdom, and emerging leaders to circumvent the traditional path of IQ-weighted leadership that has a very predictable future.


“The whole workshop was extremely valuable to me – both professionally and personally.

I wish that I had attended your workshop many years ago, it would have assisted at home and in the workplace greatly and I would have saved myself feeling and listening to a lot of emotional ‘racket’ in my mind along the way.

I would highly recommend your workshop to other professional women. I think of the internal struggle that a lot of professional women I speak to regularly go through every day. I think each one of them would benefit highly from your workshop.”

Carolyn Edwards

Client Director, Pitcher Partners

The journey to showing up as a powerful and influential leader begins with the inner journey that most of us do almost anything to avoid.  Becoming aware of the limiting self-talk, communication styles and leadership behaviours that get in our way is the foundational work of becoming a leader of influence.

Through deeper self-awareness we reconnect with our inner confidence and belief, realising that we are the only ones in our way.  Consciously cultivating self-trust, often for the first time, we discover where we have been tolerating our own excuses and negating the responsibility of being truly visible in leadership, in life and in love. 

This conversation about responsibility is one of the most challenging we face, as we all consider ourselves to be extremely responsible human beings – with families, important careers, project-managing our day to day lives.  The trap for women though, is often we are very good at being responsible to everyone else, yet much less so to ourselves and what we need. 


When women discover these gaps, they then learn how to dig deeper into their courage to begin making changes that transform their results in any area of life.

Real Women programs are the catalyst for change in how women show up in leadership and in life.  It’s time for women to learn that they can lead and succeed from a holistic and authentically powerful place that nourishes and elevates both themselves and everyone around them.


“I wanted to express my enormous gratitude for your careful facilitation and guidance. I am enormously grateful for the advice, the challenges, your honesty, and space and confidence too when I've needed to process things on my own. And for providing a safe forum for bringing together a group of such wonderful women.

I absolutely feel like I've got a stash of tools in the shed now as I move forward, and look forward to continuing to work on understanding myself, be in relationship with myself and with others.”

Janet Golder

passionate wife, mum and professional.


Real Women in Leadership programs include:

Private Breakfast Events with Karen


Karen hosts monthly breakfast and morning tea events for women in leadership who are interested in an inspired start to the day. These events are part structured, part free-flowing, where Karen will share how to lead and influence with confidence, presence and awareness. Karen’s intention is to provide an ambience for real discussion that inspires new thinking, while enjoying the company of like-minded women.

Upcoming dates:

October 11 - Register below

Individual Coaching – Professional & Personal 


Coaching with Karen is a tailored approach to a woman’s professional and personal development.  Working with Karen causes a profound and positive impact on a woman’s life and the lives of those around them.

Partnering and respectfully challenging women to confront what’s holding them back, Karen helps women grow beyond their self-imposed, but unseen limitations and move from Stressed and Exhausted to Powerful and Influential in all areas of life.

Coaching Programs include:

·       Alignment Conversation to agree outcomes

·       6 x monthly individual coaching sessions

·       Leadership communication and behavioural profiling, incl. 360 deg feedback

·       Review and Reflection Conversations

·       Power coaching between sessions

·       Real Women tools, resources, frameworks.

Group Programs – In-house & Public


Karen delivers 1 day group workshops and 3 and 6 month group programs for emerging and established women in leadership.  These group experiences are a positive, powerful and impactful interruption that support women to elevate their mindset, develop their communication skills and flex their behaviour to match the leadership style, results and experiences they’re looking for.

Even Karen’s 1 day experience leaves women with eyes wide open and making immediate changes in their lives. Follow up coaching sessions supports implementation of tools and learnings. 

Longer programs are designed as a development journey, focusing on confidence, communication and collaboration skills, leadership style and empowering others through trust. Through these programs women learn to lead, live and love with clear intention and passionate purpose.


“Karen is incredibly intuitive, knowing when to pull me up, draw me out, hold me to something and just let me speak and think. I feel at all times that she is on my side, yet this is deliciously balanced with the knowledge that she will call me on my stuff and hold me accountable.”

Sarah Stone

wife, mother, entrepreneur

Karen has been helping women navigate the challenges of life, leadership and love for more than 18 years, working with hundreds of women from over 60 organisations across industry.  She supports women to embody their confidence, passion and wisdom for greater vitality and deeper influence.


Karen shares her Real Women Framework and Manifesto for interrupting the pendulum swing – a woman’s self-imposed trap between trying to control everyone and everything, to the opposite of giving in and trying to please everyone else first.   

Karen’s work cuts through the incessant noise in our minds and helps women break through their self-imposed limits to conquer the fear of standing out and embrace real, open and loving connection. 

“Confronting the gaps in our self-responsibility, learning how to set and honour healthy boundaries and leaning into the challenging conversations with presence, allows women to be the powerful and magnetic leaders and lovers we were born to be.” 

Karen Williams.