Why Trust Leadership and Trust Culture?

When people feel safe to try new things, own their mistakes, share ideas, call themselves and each other to account, business speeds up.

Most people think trust depends on what others say and do…

But the truth is, building trust begins with us.

And that takes a shift in mindset.

If you are a leader who wants to:

• Break down silos across your teams

• Develop timely and effective collaboration across functions

• Elevate your people to solution-focused communication

• Eradicate blame culture

• Foster a culture of interdependent leaders to leverage skills and expertise

…then Trust Leadership is your solution.


Working with Karen will help to:

• Interrupt Below the Line thinking and bring people Above the Line

• Get everyone going in the same direction, clear on their personal WHY and inspired to succeed

• Lean into the difficult conversations with confidence

• Move people from Cynicism, Control or Confusion to Contribution

• Align behaviour to strategy

Trust Leadership and Trust Culture programs are for leaders, managers and teams who are ready to look beyond their view of the world, challenge their beliefs about themselves and others, and take responsibility for how they show up every day. 



Programs include:

• Half & full day workshops, including Coaching Clusters to support implementation

• Individual coaching programs

• 3, 6 and 12-month multifaceted programs




“…coaching from Karen is the most valuable thing I’ve done over my time as a manager. Karen got me to see things from a different perspective, she challenged my ideas, my way of thinking and how I communicated with people. Karen provided me with honest and accurate feedback which enabled me

to grow.”

Charles Elliot, Manager, Mercedes Benz


“I just wanted to reach out to say how great the workshop was. Yes, I was a bit nervous at the beginning and at times it was a bit confronting to address issues openly. However, I think we also had a couple of small break-throughs, which made me very excited.”

Esther Kurpiun, Product Manager, Spectrum Brands


“The course not only provided our business and team with a realistic focus of our service and approach to our clients, it also allowed us to look into and understand our internal approach and relations to each other within our organisation.”

Tony Martin, Project Manager, NILSEN


Profile of Karen Williams

The breadth of Karen’s coaching career spans 18 years across industry, including construction, education, manufacturing, retail, energy, health, finance, government, transport, telecommunications and more.

Karen supports people to thrive using her framework for High Performance Teams, upheld by the 3 foundational pillars of Personal Leadership, Real Conversations and Alignment to a Compelling Vision.

A highlight in Karen’s career is her work facilitating difficult conversations between offenders and victims. This restorative practices methodology weaves its way through Karen’s work in helping people embrace their humanity, step further into ownership and accountability and elevate their confidence, performance and results.

Karen’s clients appreciate her incomparable insightfulness, honest and direct communication, positive energy, practical application and outcome focus.