Are You Stuck in the Pendulum Swing? (and an invitation to breakky)…


The pendulum swing between controlling and giving-in resonates loudly for many women.

At the ‘controlling’ end of the pendulum, we invest energy, focus and determination into ensuring things are perfect, trying to make things happen by directing, telling and project managing everyone and everything.

At the ‘giving-in’ end of the pendulum we invest in keeping everyone else happy, giving more than is healthy for us, doing more for people rather than holding them accountable.

We all have a bias, but we’re all capable of both. Swinging back and forth when one approach no longer ‘works’.

Eventually, exhausted, we give up completely, even if just for a second. And it’s in these moments we catch a glimpse of a doing things differently.

We might try being present and listening instead of talking.

Or asserting ourselves and deciding instead of waiting.

But, from a frustrated state of mind it can be clunky and awkward, with a less than positive impact.

The ‘Space Between’ is where our true influence lies. Where we stop controlling and stop giving in. It is the place of inner confidence, natural passion, and our ability to build connection.

The ‘Space Between’ is a space we learn to hold for ourselves with courage and conviction through…


Self-trust, and


Where we begin making a shift from our unhealthy masculine energy that drives us without letting up, and our unhealthy feminine energy that’s needy for validation outside of ourselves. And we begin to learn how to embody our healthy energies so that we feel supported, nourished and fulfilled as we live and express our full selves with purpose, passion and love.