The Leadership Solution?


One of the most common, day to day, bread and butter traps for leaders, is expecting people to perform, produce, prepare and prioritise the same way they do.

The first ‘aha’ moment when we begin to learn that everyone sees the world differently, is in realising that everyone really does see the world differently.

If you are a self-driven, goal-focused, strategic-thinking leader, without a good dose of healthy EQ actively applied throughout your conversations, you are going to be constantly frustrated by people who don’t…

– move as quickly as you
– lean into the difficult conversations as confidently as you
– see opportunities as quickly as you.

As you push others to keep up, you’ll inadvertently push down their own natural, and very valuable to you, talents and skills.

When leaders loosen their expectations of how they think people should be, and instead become really interested in how they can support them to be the best version of who they really are, they unlock potential, increase engagement and expand results.

The challenge is the dance between how much I expect from them, and how much I need to empower them.

My answer to leaders and teams alike is that both need to be in play, always.  Everyone is 100% responsible.

The access to creating this upward spiralling momentum together is communication.

The kind of communication that holds people accountable while building and strengthening trust and empowering growth.

In other words, Real, Responsible, Outcome-focused Communication (RROC).

REAL – Courageously honest, compassionate and timely
RESPONSIBLE – 100% ownership, with no blame, justification or excuses
OUTCOME-FOCUSED – Always within the context of a compelling vision
COMMUNICATION – Investing time and energy in asking higher quality questions and listening to understand rather than to respond.

For a leader looking for what will make a real difference today in eliciting greater performance, my solution is #RROC.