Collaboration Not Agreement


No one wakes up intending to do poor quality work, trying to fail, or wanting to feel isolated.  Everyone wants to make themselves proud…but that doesn’t mean we always do, or know how to.

To collaborate in ways that move business forward, people need to lean in and share their ideas, call out issues and communicate with conviction.  To do that they need to feel safe.  They need to be able to trust that they won’t be judged, ridiculed or isolated for speaking up.  Instead, that they will be valued, accepted and acknowledged as one of the tribe.

It’s easy to judge another, every human being does it, but if we’re willing to choose compassion over judgement, we can listen in new ways, understand different perspectives, ask tough questions and challenge each other’s thinking.  Without risking a disconnect in relationship.

“Judgement shuts down possibility, suffocates courage and stifles innovation.”

Judgement, if it’s lucky, maintains the status quo, but more likely sparks a downward spiral in mindset, thinking and behaviour.  Not only in the one doing the judging, but as a ripple effect through the circles around them.

Collaboration that elevates a team or an organisation requires everyone to:

– Take 100% responsibility for how they show up
– Let go of resentment, blame, justification and excuses
– Honor promises and commitments
– Trust that they will be supported, encouraged and guided to be their best, even when they try and fail.

Simple?  Yes.  Easy?  No.

Especially when we think we know how others are going to show up.  And how we’ve decided we need to show up to assert, explain, identify or defend ourselves.

Teams working more effectively together is a palpable need across industry. Business can only chug along when teams are working in isolation.

Getting people working together for a strong future does not require agreement, but instead begins with everyone showing up with boldness and openness.

People who prefer to wait for others to go first, speaking up with boldness.
People who prefer to speak up first, listening with openness to the ideas of others.

Everyone saying what needs to be said, with less blame and more compassion.

Because effective collaboration requires the best in everyone to show up.