What Do I Need Right Now?


“What do I need right now?”

Asking myself that question has been a revelation.

Listening to, and heeding, the answer has been life changing.

Obligation can be a heavy word.

Getting stuck in the obligation of ensuring everyone else is happy.
Maybe it’s what we learned. Maybe it’s part of our nature.

We take it on as our love, our duty, our calling. No-one else can do it like we can. Fulfilling the needs of others, it’s who we are.

Yet have you discovered, that as you continue to ignore your own needs,
your life continues to feel smaller?

“What do I need right now?” is a scary question. It takes courage, vulnerability, stillness to ask it. And so much more than that to respond.

Many say it’s about self worth and self love. That’s part of it.
I say it’s about truth.
The truth of responsibility. Taking responsibility for our own life.

And in the fulfilling of our own needs, those around us feel fulfilled too.