Healthy Boundaries at Work


Setting healthy boundaries is as relevant and essential to our success and well being at work, as it is to our personal lives.

Turning a life of obligation, and striving to meet the expectations of others, into a life of self-trust, self-responsibility and self-care takes enormous courage, but is transformative.

Healthy boundaries at work can look like:

– Negotiating time frames and deadlines
– Holding others accountable
– Calling out a conversation that feels off
– Acknowledging overwhelm and asking for support (not rescue)
– Investing in ourselves to find clarity and align to purpose.

The first step in setting healthy boundaries is being aware that we are not taking 100% responsibility for our lives. It’s a brave topic, as I have the privilege of working with the most responsible leaders.

But once the initial shock and defensiveness dissipates, leaders begin to explore how their lack of healthy boundaries keeps them disconnected and deeply resentful. How in caring more about what others think, wanting to be liked and accepted, wanting to fit in and belong, they are abandoning the true fulfilment they’ve been chasing.

Learning how to set healthy boundaries, for a leader, is the beginning of reconnecting with their greatest and most authentic power and influence.