The Self-Driven Man


For a self-driven man, finding his way into feeling can be the last thing he’d ever want to do.

But when he hits his ‘Success Ceiling’ – where the boxes are ticked, yet fulfilment eludes him – he discovers it’s time to meet himself.

The place he’s been avoiding for a life-time.

Realising that sugar-coating his dominance has become an ineffective and unsophisticated over-compensation, his ego wrestles with one last fight to stay in control.

While his heart begins the real search.

No longer does determination get the result he wants.
Pretending to partner, when he’d much rather dictate, just feels wrong now.
Holding on tight until the win kicks in has become an empty game.

Asking a self-driven man to slow down doesn’t work.
But supporting and assisting his reconnection to his deep heart, helps him open the doorway to the stillness and freedom he’s been fighting for all these years.

Fighting for.
But really fighting against.

Frustration, exhaustion, sometimes crisis has him find his way to the door. Opening the door is a practice of self-awareness, like building a new muscle it’s a daily discipline.

Presence and compassion are how he steps through the door.
Learning to honour his own needs in a healthy way is how he closes the door on a disconnected past.