Let Go and Learn


Fast moving leaders who rarely look behind them, find slowing down to make sure their team are up to speed, a drain on their energy.

Logical leaders who wish their teams would think like they do, find taking time to talk about feelings, a drain on their energy.

Gregarious leaders who are the whole reason for their team’s engagement, find holding their team accountable, a drain on their energy.

Most leaders who’ve achieved a level of success in their career, are very familiar with their strengths. They also know the skills they need to develop to be an even greater leader.

The leadership style they rely on is their default. Created over time, it’s a leadership strategy. A formula that brings predicted results as well as repeating challenges.

When a leader realises their leadership strategy has a success expiry, they are faced, very personally, with a choice. Either show up, dig in, let go and learn.
Or settle in, shut down, armour up and ignore.

The choice isn’t easy.
Even though our innate state as human beings is to want more, we’ve learned to mistrust it, resist it, disbelieve it and tire of it.

The surprise for many leaders, though, is when they choose to grow beyond their strategy, instead of losing energy, they discover a valve to more energy.