Behavioural Training Doesn’t Work


The reason stand alone behavioural training workshops don’t really train is that they don’t undo the three, four or more decades of conditioning we’ve been exposed to.

We didn’t create our opinions, comfort zones, beliefs, values and fears in a 1 day workshop, and so even with multiple light bulb moments, without follow up, accountability, real-time coaching and support, eventually we return to what we’ve always done.  And by eventually I mean immediately, or not far from it.

Stand alone training is entertaining but it’s not life changing. 

Our thinking drives our behaviour and changing thinking requires…
1. A personal and burning desire for change
2. A conscious and consistent investment of focus and energy
3. An accountability structure.

Stand alone training is entertaining but it’s not life changing.  Open the minds and eyes of your people for sure, but don’t leave them flapping out there on the skinny branches scared to fly and scared to fall.

Back it up by…
1. Leading by example the change you want to see in them
2. Help them identify opportunities for implementation
3. Build their confidence by encouraging their courageous fledgling attempts.

Think of the last time you ventured very far from your own opinions, faced your fears in front of your peers and stayed for longer than a few seconds beyond what’s comfortable.