The Missing Piece


I have the privilege of speaking quite often with men about vulnerability.

Men who have achieved a level of success in their lives, who are enjoying the fruits of their labour. Though, silently, not quite as much as they once did.

Men who are learning to become more aware, because they know it helps them be better leaders, better partners, better fathers.

Men who have built, over time, confidence in their ability, their expertise, their status in life.

Men who quietly ache for what they know is on the other side of vulnerability, but hesitate, not convinced enough yet to take the risk.

The risk of not being in control.
The risk of not being enough.
The risk of truly being seen.

My place as a coach is not to tell a man how to be a man, how could I…but to assist him to step onto the path of the missing, and unpredictably terrifying, piece.

The piece that will fill the unfillable void, that will finally bring a sense of peace to his mind, the piece that will allow him to experience the ever-out-of-reach freedom he seeks every day.

Vulnerability, it’s not a dirty word.