The Perfect Leadership Cocktail


Knowing we need to change, or evolve in some way to be a better leader, makes no difference if we don’t actually want to.

Suspecting the business needs us to change to inspire stronger performance, makes no difference if we aren’t willing to let go of our silent judgements and opinions of our people.

Being advised that responding to others in our usual style will continue to bring us the same unsatisfying result, makes no difference if we’re not willing to embrace new and unfamiliar strategies.

Leadership is as much about learning and implementing the unknown as it is about executing the known.

A perfect dance between uncertainty and certainty.
With the perfect matching cocktail of…
– Self-awareness
– Authentic confidence
– Vulnerability.

To retain good people, increase engagement and inspire emotional investment, leaders must…
1. Do the work to expand their own self-awareness
2. Develop authentic confidence rather than relying on the external façade
3. Show up fully, flaws and all, giving others permission to do the same.

This is the new work of leadership. But knowing it and doing it are two very different things. It’s those who do who reap the infinite rewards.

Cocktails anyone?