Young women in leadership.
Unsure of how to embody their full power and still be accepted.
Uncertain how to lead while engaging everyone in the ride.

Learning from a young age not to stand out,
that the world appreciates her more when she’s nice.
Caring more about how others see her, than how she sees herself.

Wanting so badly to do well, to be her best.
To experience in reality, who she knows herself to be in her heart.
Confident. Passionate. Clear. Open. Clever. Expansive.

My experience coaching women in leadership of all ages is that, often, the limitations we learn and continue to live by, show up in two ways…

– holding back and pleasing others
– pushing forward and disconnecting others.

Either way, women are frustrated by themselves,
though it can feel like it’s the world that’s frustrating.

Understanding that true leadership comes from within is an important shift. Moving from an outside-in approach, to leading from the inside-out, begins with a willingness to connect.

It can be as simple as taking a moment, taking a breath,
letting go just a little, of the protection, or the push.

When young women experience how their connection within elevates their influence, sustains their well-being and deepens relationships, they no longer need the world to approve.