How Does Your Ego Play Out?


When does your competitive streak take you over?

Where does your need to succeed become unhealthy for you and others?

Our natural strengths, and those we’ve honed, can become the source of negative disruption, if we don’t pay attention.

When leaders drive their teams toward a result, without concerning themselves with how that result is being achieved, the damage to be rectified long after the result has been forgotten, is costly to everyone.

Leadership is a complex privilege and requires us to learn about people. Expecting others to do what, and how WE do, is not leadership, it’s care taking at best.

Leadership that engages, inspires and moves people is more like a dance of agility, than a quest to resilience.

More a relaxed exhale, than a forced inhale.

When leaders learn to engage their peripheral and sensory awareness, they discover there’s not much difference in the ‘doing’, between what empowers those they lead, and what breaks trust and drives a wedge through engagement.

Not much difference in the doing.

Every bit of difference in the being.