The Desire Within


When people turn up to work every day, they come with everything that’s made them who they are to this point.

Their triumphs and victories, their failures and pain points.
Their confidence in their strengths, their self-doubt learned through endless judgement.

They come with their hopes to succeed, and determination not to stand out for the wrong reasons.
They show up wanting to learn and grow, even if it looks like they’ve long ago given up.

To be human is to expand, to respond positively when entrusted with more. So why do people push back on additional responsibility?

Too busy is easy for everyone to accept and file away. 

But busy-ness is a smokescreen, the core issue is trust.

Or mistrust.

When people resist taking on more, they’re not pushing work away, they’re pushing their leader away. Mistrusting they will be heard and supported, coached and guided in a way that leaves them feeling empowered, valued and respected.

Leaders attempt to inspire and motivate, eventually deciding it’s easier to do it themselves. Neither a sustainable or satisfying solution.

The opportunity for a leader is to learn and grow beyond what they know, so they may support their people to reconnect with the desire within them to keep growing.