Vulnerability is the Doorway to Trust


What is vulnerability in leadership?

It unlocks performance, but it exists as a nebulous concept for many.

Vulnerability is the doorway to trust, deeper engagement, inspired and interdependent collaboration and expanded contribution to results. With engagement at work in Australia at 24%, according to Gallup, it's clear business is missing opportunities.

The simplicity of vulnerability is a surprise for leaders I work with. So simple, the initial response is scepticism that something requiring so little of their IQ, could make any difference to their effectiveness as a leader.

But leaders who've hit their Success Ceiling (success achieved through expertise and experience), discover that vulnerability is the access to the next level of results they've been seeking, in themselves and others.

Vulnerability in leadership can be as simple as:
- Choosing compassion over judgement
- Taking time to Stop. Pause. Breathe. before reacting
- Listening instead of talking
- Learning to influence more than relying on authority
- Allowing the acknowledgement before pushing for the next goal.

Brene Brown shares "vulnerability is the first thing I look for in you and the last thing I'm willing to show you."

We respond to the vulnerability in each other.
Leadership asks of us to Go First.