Unlocking Buried Treasure


Behavioural profiles can get a bad wrap. But the right one used well is like finding the golden key that unlocks the buried treasure in your team.

Even your most determined, dogged or distracted employees can be inspired to flex their communication and behaviour, grow as influencers and elevate their results.

Understanding what triggers them and why.
What gets in their way and why.
What’s in their blind spot that’s keeping them from leaning in, contributing more, speaking up.

Leaders often focus on changing behaviour. What seems like laziness or is measured as disengagement is more the byproduct than the cause. Being curious about what’s driving the behaviour is critical to sustaining change.

We all think and feel, but there are important nuances between different profiles that make the difference. The right tool and framework helps people grow beyond their limitations, and helps leaders tap into the nuances easily to elicit greater confidence, focus and job satisfaction from their people.

Behavioural profiles are not the truth, they are a lens to look through and a powerful tool for transparent and accountable conversations. They can dissolve the longest of grudges, transform aggression into healthy assertiveness and lift the detail-oriented to big picture when needed.