Clarity is Key


Leaders, your people do less of what you say, and more of what you do.  Less listening to your words, and more reproducing of your actions.

If you want your managers to hold people accountable to results, in a way that creates empowered, solution focused high-performers, you need to hold your managers accountable in the same way first.

In my experience, most leaders and managers do more telling and expecting, less partnering and coaching.  It leaves people who want to do well, thinking they should know the why, what and how, but disempowered because they don’t, and defensive when challenged.

Clarity is key.

But not clarity in the way you think things are clear.
Clarity in the way things are clear for them.

Holding people accountable to results is often avoided,
second to avoiding the follow up in the first place.

But all of that is easy when leaders take the time to not only establish clear expectations but gain agreement on them as well.

When expectations are agreed to, there’s a solid foundation for follow up.

“Remember when we agreed this was your priority, what got in the way for you that you weren’t able to deliver by deadline?”

Taking time to get clear and gain agreement means less time blaming for not delivering and more time in higher quality conversations.